Thursday, June 05, 2008

Solid Orange Belt

Noah got another belt promotion tonight, white, gold, orange with white stripe and now solid orange. This Saturday, the 7th, at Shahala Middle School from 10am to 1pm they are holding another Kanthak Karate All School Demonstration and Mini Tournament. The demo will be about an hour long then a short break. The students will then get to participate in a mini-tournament. This will be the first opportunity for many of the students to do some Ring Sparring, including Noah. We'd love to see you there if you are looking for something to do on Saturday.

Noah is looking forward to this summer, his karate school has lots of fun things planned on top of the regular scheduled classes. Escrima Stick Training will be offered and Noah is very excited about learning defensive techniques with a rattan stick. The students that take the class get to participate in the Star Wars/Light Saber Party - who wouldn't want to take the class??? There are also movie events, pool parties, picnics and water fights. I'm also hoping for a couple of day camps and parents night out events.


Amy (Gaskell) Crombie said...

Way to go Noah! It is so great to hear of your accomplishments . . . all results of your commitment! Hope to one day be able to see some of your moves. Love, The Crombies

The Montee's said...

Congratulations Noah!! You are moving right on up, aren't you?! We're very proud of you!

grandma ricki said...

Noah, you are doing so Awesome!! Congratulations! What a great job..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Noah! Your accomplishments show a steadfast determination to study hard and do your best. I am very proud of you.