Sunday, June 08, 2008

More From the Resident Orange Belt

On Saturday the 7th, Noah participated in the Kanthak Karate All School Demonstration. These are always fun to go to and watch but this time Noah got to spar a little at the end. We do have some video of the sparring matches but they need a bit of editing before I can upload them. We, that would be Joel and I the parents of the resident orange belt, need to learn to keep quiet while video taping. Because I really doubt that there is anyone that wants to listen to us tell Noah to, "45, attack and out," over and over. The sad thing is that trying to not be those parents that interfere and yell on the sidelines, it's just us that's hearing it anyway. I've got to learn telepathic communication with my child in those situations! Okay, maybe not...

Draw punch!

Stand still, eyes on point!

Mr. B and NoJo

Noah received these dog tags for sparring.


grandma ricki said...

Cool dogtags!!

The Montee's said...

Love the concentration--especially in the first photo. Good job Noah! Can't wait to watch the video. You rock!!

The Montee's said...

Noah--Bre asked me how come your belt was orange and some were green...can you answer that for her? I can't remember the proper color ladder. Thanx!

Johnson Family said...

Yes, it's kind of like grades in school, once you learn or know enough you graduate up to the next color. The colors go white, gold, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, black. Now, if Noah knows enough to not be an orange belt anymore but Mr. K or Mr. B don't think he's quite ready for green then he will get a green belt with a white stripe in the middle (you can see one in the picture) and this means that has graduated from orange and working on his solid green. They can do that with every color. Noah has gone from white to gold to orange with white stripe to solid orange. Thanks for asking Bre!

mauricia1 said...

Way to go Noah Wayne Johnson!!!
I am soooooo proud of you!