Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Katie Tagged Noah

Katie's daughter was tagged by her friend Kara so Katie tagged are 7 random facts about my eldest son:
  1. He was born on the 12th day of the 12th month and 20 minutes short of being born at noon and I thought that would have been cool...don't really care now but my pregnant brain was upset it didn't happen.
  2. He is not a team sport kid, just not his thing but he loves karate and is very good. According to Noah, he will have his black belt no ifs ands or buts.
  3. He panics when he thinks his sweatshirt is stuck on his head but has no issues with shoving his brother to the bottom of a sleeping bag then holding it closed (sound familiar Ben?).
  4. Math is easy for him, really easy for him.
  5. He loves to engineer things, build things, experiment with everything in my cupboards (I have something growing in my fridge right now) and build with Legos.
  6. He has had to have stitches in his chin twice and probably should have been three times but we just used butterfly bandages once. The second time that we knew he would need stitches, he fell, split his chin open, bounced up and without shedding a tear said something like, "Oh man!!! Do I need stitches AGAIN?!!"
  7. Don't tell him I told you but he loves his brother, so I wouldn't mess with Oliver unless you want some feisty 7 year old in your face. Messing with Ollie is his job.
So, if you want to play along tag your kiddo and post seven random facts about him or her. Do it on your blog or post it into the comments of this section. Have fun!

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Katie B. said...

I could totally see Noah saying "oh man .. do I need more stitches?"... he's a tough little dude!