Sunday, May 11, 2008

Burn To Learn (BTL) - lots of pictures

We got an invitation from my dad to come watch the Boring Fire Department do a burn to learn. Someone in the community donates a house or building of some sort to the department and then they use it to train the fire fighters. Needless to say, the house gets put to good use. Lots of drills and exercises are done all morning long, break for lunch then burn the house down! BTL's have always fascinated me and this one did not disappoint. Here are some, okay a lot of, pictures from the day. Ladies, be sure to check out the post below...

I think I saw this shield at least once for every day of my life until I moved out of the house. Noah, driving the engine.

Oliver listening to Grandpa Jerry tell him about the buttons and other fun things.

Engine 140

Always fun to move the cones around, luckily there wasn't a lot of traffic!

Probationary fire fighters running a few drills.

Roof caving in after they let the fire get going, this is when it starts to get good...

Another angle of the roof being consumed by the fire.

No roof in sight, just a truss trying to make a last stand.

I liked this picture because the fire is literally pushing the plywood away from the window.

No turning back now, by this time the fire fighters have stepped back and are just near to make sure it's a controlled burn. The surrounding trees, bushes, buildings, etc. get a hose down as needed to keep them cool and from burning.

It's hot, really hot...

There isn't much left now and it's completely down just minutes after this shot.

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Anonymous said...

Tiff, you got some awesome shots!! Fire can really be beautiful..who knew!?! Nice job!

Auntie Janet