Monday, July 20, 2009

Kid-Free Day

Like I said, John and Joel blessed us ladies with a kid-free day while camping. They took the kids (and the camera) to the Oregon Coast Aquarium while we hoofed it (camera and kid free) through old-town Florence. In no particular order...

My silly boys on the turtle.

The kids in the shark tunnel, my two would be the ones on the floor.

There is a whole slew of these pictures, Joel kept snapping the shutter and this is the best one. Almost everyone's eyes are open and almost everyone is looking at the camera and almost everyone is smiling.
Jack, Noah, Oliver, Ty and Tori

Hello Puffin

Hello Ollie

Anchovies screaming to be left off the pizzas of the world.

Noah (back to us on the left) calls this the fish freeway.

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