Friday, July 24, 2009

Marimba Mania

Noah took a Marimba class this week, one hour each day. The parents got to come for the last 15 minutes of class today to see what they had learned. We biked there each day and played on the school playground during class. We got hear how much the kids progressed each day. It's actually pretty amazing how far they came in one week. Noah had a great time and if I can swing it will take the class again in August. Here are the three songs that we got to hear today.


Queen of Qwerk said...

Holy Marimba-This is just one week!! I LOOOOOVE the Marimba's! Super job Noah! Oh.... a pretty cute kid rolling around on the floor too!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Noah. Only one week - amazing.
Years ago Gammy and I were in Missoula, Montana and at the train station the American Orient Express had just pulled in. It was in the early evening and a Marimba band was playing in the square - and listening to this brought back those memories. Thank you.
I have to admit Noah, your talents never cease to amaze me.


Katie B. said...

ohhhh myyyy gooooodnesss!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I Loved it!! I hope he gets to do it in Aug.... he clearly has a great rhythm! How did you hear of this class??

Johnson Family said...

Marimbas are actually a huge part of their school's musical curriculum. Noah has been chomping at the bit to play them because they don't get to really start to play them until the 3rd or 4th grade. They may tinker a bit in K, 1st and 2nd but those years are spent doing a lot of other musical education giving them a good base before playing instruments. His music teacher Mr. Hurst, does this class in the summer and he told Noah about it, then he told me. A flier was sent home and the rest is history. It was even more awesome in person, the vibrations from the marimbas (even with just 8 players/students) vibrates right through you.

Janet said...

#1 video...i loved how noah & "friends" popped up & then shimmied back down behind their instruments!

#2 Is the woman on the left a student or teacher? And the shot of Ollie enjoying the music was so darn cute! & of course the quick shot of Joel.

#3..never mind about the teacher! & as much as i enjoyed the music (which was awesome by the way) my favorite part was when Noah wasnt playing & was watching the others & gettin' down with his bad self! lol

ok...& did anyone else notice (probably not...they arent weird!) that the instrument on the right with no one at it, looks like eyes & a smirk with teeth showing? ; )

Johnson Family said...

Janet you crack me up! Yes the popping up and down made me snicker. Luckily, the music was loud enough for you not to hear it on the camera. The woman is a teacher, since there was only 8 kids in his class she and her daughters (wife and kids of the teacher) helped to fill in some of the parts. Oliver, Joel and the rest of the crowd were given rhythm eggs to shake along with the music, that is what Ollie was doing with his...rolling and climbing around while finding spot to bang it on. No, I did not notice the smirking instrument until now and I can't stop giggling.

Elite Stitches said...

What a great job! Marimbas are a favorite...Good job, Noah! Sounded like professionals. And I totally see the face in the empty marimba...too funny!