Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures of Camp and Misc.

Our campsite
Cleawox Lake (to my right)

Cleawox Lake (to my left)

After we got camp set up, I took the boys on a bike ride down to the lodge and Cleawox Lake. Mainly to keep them out of the way while the Pyryts set up their camp. ;)

The 3 pyros spent a lot of time putting sticks into the fire.

One side of Woahink Lake, the lake is large and odd shaped with many paths down to different areas. This was a great little spot to let the dogs swim.

Another view from the little swimming hole.

Sunshine, Woodrow and Sammy

A different spot on Woahink.

Up at the bathroom Oliver was whining about something so Joel told him that he needed to pick a spot, whine there and get it all out of his system. This is the spot that Oliver chose. This picture cracks me up because he was trying to whine without looking at Joel but couldn't resist a peek to make sure he was watching.

Lily on Lake Cleawox

The campfire was between me and the sleepy dogs. This picture was an accident but I chuckled when I later looked and saw that the dogs appeared to be on fire.

One of MANY game sessions.

Beautiful sight to wake up to.


The Pyryt Nest said...

Hot dogs! You got some great pics. We'll have to get together and swap some.

Janet said...


What a great time..with great friends for you!

can u say BLESSED?!?! ; )

Katie B. said...

Where is this lake at?! It looks soo fun.... glad to hear you had such a great time...xo KT

Johnson Family said...

We were at Honeyman State Park in Florence Oregon. Cleawox Lake is in the main campground part and Woahink Lake is just across the street (walking distance) from the campground. Actually, the group camp sites are over on that side. It's a GREAT place!