Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our Fourth of July

We didn't plan much for the 4th because the Pyryt's and us had 32 chickens to butcher in the morning. We also had a few people stopping by to learn about the process and a couple others bringing their own chickens to be processed. I was down at their house at 730 and Joel & the boys followed a bit later.

After the chickens, the Pyryts came up and we swam in the pool, had a few drinks and ate some pizza. Surprisingly enough, after you butcher a few chickens, you really don't want chicken for dinner. It's crazy, I know!! It was nice to just spend some fun time winding down with them afterwards.

Noah had a decision to make and he decided to go ahead and go with his friends from down the street to their big family gathering. I guess they had a big potluck, fireworks and then they all camped in tents in the field. Noah had a great time but I think he missed the neighborhood events too. Oliver, the poor kid, is not too keen on the loud booming noises. So we set off a few mild things for him. While we were setting off our small stuff, our neighbors came out to light a few of theirs too. We walked down and chatted with them for a while then Oliver asked if he could go home and go to sleep, so that's what we did. After Oliver went to bed, Joel and I joined by Marty, Cherie and Noah, sat on the corner and watched our neighborhood turn into a massive display of pyrotechnics!

Oliver's favorites were the smoke bombs, lots of color and NO noise.

The other fireworks, even though quiet for fireworks, were watched like this. I have quite a few pictures of Oliver in this pose.

Marty, Noah and Oliver checking out their pack of fireworks.
These guys are great neighbors and I'm glad we got to spend some time with them last night.

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Ah, yes! Love the smoke bombs!!