Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mad, Angry, Irate, Huffy, Frantic

Outside watching the boys play in the pool yesterday and I started to get a little bit bored so I decided to refill the bird feeders. The bird seed is kept in the shed in our backyard. We have some pots/planters that we haven't used in quite a while and some other misc. items that just need to go into the trash so I thought I would pull a few of those things out and put them in the garbage. I grabbed a rectangular planter that we have and I heard an odd squealing noise. The squealing was quickly followed by quite a ruckus on the outside of the shed then one angry mama squirrel appeared making herself as large as possible and, I'm sure, cussing me out in squirrel-ese. I finally looked down and saw why she was so upset. So to ease her mind, I put her babies in the yard, yelled at the kids to stay away and ran inside for my camera. Okay, so maybe I didn't ease her mind right away but I was quick about it. She gave me the evil squirrel eye as I placed them back onto the shelf where they were, then I turned and walked out. She jumped up to where she could still see me and made sure that I was leaving for good. I instructed the boys that they were to stay out of the shed no matter what and left mama to tend to her babies.

I believe there are six of them.
Mama squirrel sat on the shed today making sure the noisy pool of boys were going to leave her alone today. I can't blame her one bit! Nothing like a bunch of boys...enough to make anyone a bit on edge.


Shana said...

You are lucky she didn't attack you! Although that would have been a good story at the emergency room!

The Pyryt Nest said...

Awww, how cute! You don't need a dog, you'll have all these pet squirrels to guard the house.

Janet said...

ok...older baby squirrels are MUCH cuter than these little babies, I must say! I think (NO...I KNOW) I would have screamed if I saw these!

but I LOVE the picture of all the boys in the pool! & Ollie on his way up the later! Now THATS CUTE! ; )

Johnson Family said...

Yes, I'm lucky she didn't come after me. We have so many squirrels in our neighborhood now that I had visions of a Charlie and the Chocolate factory scene happening in my backyard. "She is one bad nut!"

LOL Janet! I didn't scream but as soon as Momma squirrel showed up I had a feeling I had tread on waters that I shouldn't have, so at that point, babies didn't surprise me one bit.

Amy said...

Now THAT is something Ive never seen or even heard of. . . . someone finding a nest of baby squirrels. I would have screamed so loud & freaked out. That is really cool.

Elite Stitches said...

Homely little critters, aren't they? Funny how you- no threat whatsoever to her babies- made momma squirrel so mad, and yet the boys splashing, jumping, yelling & screaming in the pool just a few feet away, are completely ignored.

Janet said...

Ricki...i am sooo glad i wasnt the only one that thought the babies werent the cutest things!

& you are so right....here gentle quiet Tiffany comes along & upsets momma...but boys have no effect! CRAZY!

(& I meant ollie climbing up the LADDER! SHEESH!) either way...i want to pinch his cute little cold--wet cheeks!)