Monday, July 27, 2009

Swim Lessons

The boys started swim lessons today, Oliver is finally old enough to take lessons without mommom - yippee! Noah is Noah and getting to that age where he goes into his locker room, gets dressed, showered, etc. all by himself. Finds his instructor and checks in without my help and when asked if he needs anything or any help, I am lucky to get a, "nope," out of him. Ask him after class how it was and it's, "fine," that I get from him. Yes, a boy of many words at times. Luckily, he still has these kinds of days and that is when we chat it up.

Oliver jumping in.
So I stood and watched for a few minutes and began to wonder if I shouldn't have warned the instructors before class about Oliver's enthusiasm for the water. One of the first things they did was jump into the water, Oliver was the sixth of six to go. The first five were tentative, hesitant and daintily jumped into the water. "Uh-oh, move back instructor boy, move back!!" my telepathic screams went undelivered because he told Oliver to jump, expecting him to be like the first five, stood too close and he got nailed. Imagine if you will, the goofy wrestling matches you see on TV with the dramatic, costumed wrestler, launching himself from the top of the ropes to slam into the other even more dramatic and zany dressed wrestler; transfer that image to Oliver and his unsuspecting instructor and you can see why I was concerned. Needless to say, he stood at least 4-5 feet back from that point on!

Noah listening to his instructor. Wow, he has gotten tall this summer!

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Queen of Qwerk said...

In that picture of Noah he appears to be quickly moving from child to boy and on the fast track to young man.....STOP! OK, I know they have to grow up!
I am surprised you didn't just see the "Cow jumped over the moon" scenario as Ollie launched himself! :D