Thursday, April 03, 2008

First Stop: Tillamook Air Museum

As we were coming in on Hwy 101 Joel says something like, "I wonder where the museum is?" then we come around the bend and see this massive building telling us exactly. Although you realize that the structure you are headed towards is indeed large you don't quite grasp the "largest wooden structure in the world..." concept until you get really close. I kept telling Joel it would be cool to own that thing then you could turn it into a home with all sorts of fun a regulation tennis court AND regulation basketball court AND regulation ice rink AND a full size bar with billiard room, darts and other various bar games AND an indoor swimming pool AND a bowling alley with two or three lanes AND, AND, AND, AND OHHHH could you imagine the kitchen that I could design??? I don't think Joel said anything but, "and what do you propose we do with the other 80 percent of the building? Come on, dream a little!! This is what us non-airplane buffs do while touring a hanger full of planes, engines, propellers and other assorted airplane memorabilia.
Noah, Oliver and I standing under some plane...ask Joel if you want to know which one.
Noah standing under some propeller, I'm sure there are a few airplane geeks out there that can tell me exactly which plane this propeller belongs to and I'm sure you're right.
The enormous hanger!
Oliver flying through the museum, you'll have to make your own toddler airplane noises to go along with the picture please.
Noah sitting in the A-7 Corsair II cockpit. I asked Joel what plane it was and when he said the name I then asked A7 or A dash 7 then he says, "A dash 7 Corsair I, I, not the number 2, I, I." Then I laughed.
A-7 Corsair II
This is a picture of a picture, it shows 8 blimps inside of the hanger.
This is the end of the hanger door, I'm standing near the bottom looking up.
The hanger door or your front door if your a big dreamer like me.


The Montee's said...

awesome photos, Tiff! Looks like you all had a great time. I could almost smell the fresh ocean air. Brandon and Bre made the airplane noises to Ollie's airplane stance. Can't wait to see ALL the pics on our next visit!

Anonymous said...

While at the Hanger did you notice the basketball hoop at the center of the north doors? Your mom and I thought that would require one heck of a dunk shot!
Nice pics and it looks as if the trip was a fun one.
BTW - did you go to the cheese factory. Ummm, cheese!