Thursday, April 03, 2008

Second Stop: Cape Meares

After the Tillamook Air Museum, we landed at Cape Meares and the lighthouse that is there. It was a beautiful day but it still wasn't very warm, add a nice breeze coming in off of the cold water and it was quite brisk to say the least! This stop had some amazing lookout spots, I imagine that this would be a great place to see whales.

The boys racing down the hill to the lighthouse, no wait, it's Oliver racing and Noah yelling at him to walk. I think I will make up my own story when I put this into the scrap book!
View from one of the first lookouts we came upon.

The boys racing around the base of the lighthouse.

I could live in a lighthouse - beautiful!

Lookout on the way to the Octopus Tree

The Octopus Tree
Ollie and I taking our time getting to the Octopus Tree, can't rush a toddler who has decided that "I do it!" are his new favorite words.

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The Montee's said...

so beautiful! the lighthouse picture (the one that you commented about you living in a lighthouse) was my favorite of this bunch...awesome!