Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Practicing His Alliteration

Oliver LOVES and I mean LOVES getting dressed up and going out to the bus with big brother in the morning. This is not some cute crush, passing fad or casual acquaintance, it's honest to goodness true love. It's the same thing every morning, while Noah is getting dressed for school so is Oliver. Rubber boots are retrieved from the garage, red jacket (and it must be the red jacket!) is taken out of the backpack, put on and zipped up and finally, the Thomas The Train backpack that brother handed down to him put on. On the extra special mornings his blue blanket goes into the backpack too. We head out the door and go across the street to the bus stop. Oliver says hi to everyone, "Good mornin' Eddie, hurry Bwadwee (Bradley) the bus is coming, hi Cole and Fwatcher (Thatcher)! LOOK IT'S THE BUS YELLOW!!!" The bus finally pulls up and the kids get on, Oliver is torn between waving to the bus driver and saying goodbye to the kids or being sad that the bus yellow will soon be pulling away without him. Now, transport yourself back to the day where movies like Casablanca or Gone With The Wind, are you there? Okay, now picture Oliver yelling, "wait!", waving to the bus, running after it a few steps with one little tear sliding down his cheek. Yes, this happens just about every morning, except for when the bus driver can't take it anymore and gives Ollie a balloon or a little thing of bubbles, somehow this lessens the trauma.

So back to the alliteration that my post title alludes to, one of Noah's chores in the morning is to turn on the light in the fish tank and feed the fish. Oliver also enjoys feeding the fish and wants to help his big brother with this chore. Yesterday, Noah did not let Oliver help which led to a bit of a temper tantrum. I ignored him and finished getting Noah ready for school. When it was time for Noah to get dressed I asked Oliver if he was going to get dressed for the bus too and this is what he said...


It's not a true alliteration but, like I said, he's just practicing.

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