Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday GrandBob!!

I told Noah you were turning 29 and he said that you didn't look that old. I thought that you would appreciate that comment very much! The boys worked on this poster for as long as their attention span allowed them on a day that was beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. Noah wanted me to point out the cactus above the "n" in GrandBob because he knew that you love the desert and therefore would love the cactus on the poster. Oliver demanded that I draw a yellow flower, so I did and he added all the confetti touches. Oliver also felt it very fitting to blow a raspberry every time I asked him to smile for GrandBob...go figure! We all love you and wish you a very happy birthday!


The Montee's said...

Happy Birthday Bob!!! Hope it's swell. Love, Su!
(P.S. It does look beautiful out the window, Tiff!)

grandma ricki said...

Happy 29th Birthday Bob!! Forever Young! Noah & Ollie, you did a great job on GrandBob's card!

Anonymous said...

Thank you boys! That was really something very special and I love it.