Saturday, October 25, 2008

Annual Kanthak Karate Halloween Party

Tonight was the annual Kanthak Karate Halloween Party and we all had a great time. Potluck, games, pictures, live band and goofy gift raffle were all part of the fun evening. Here are a few snapshots of the evening:

Noah decided to wear his Executioner costume tonight. He even colored his knuckles with a red marker so that it looked like he had had a busy day or two.

I forced Oliver to be a cute giraffe tonight. After all the attention he seemed okay with being a giraffe, maybe I'll get away with him not being Spiderman on Halloween.

Noah playing one of the games...this one was shoot the dart at the Mr. K caricature and try to knock it over!

Oliver posing with the mummy, they almost have the same smile.

Mr. B, the construction worker.

Mr. K showing the Executioner who the real boss is.

The kids hoping their name is called during the raffle. Noah actually won a Blazer bobble head. Okay, so it was my name called but I let Noah claim the prize.

As the night went on, Oliver modified his costume a bit. Cute, right?


grandma ricki said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Noah, you look pretty gruesome. Ollie, you are a very cute giraffe. I especially like when the costume started getting 'modified' as in taken off bit by bit...Hopefully you guys made it home shortly after that last picture- looked like Ollie was getting ready to do one of his famous strips...Very cute.

Anonymous said...

So.... did Noah knock over the poster? Looked like he had it dead on, with his shot !!!
Ollie, looks like he got hot, took off the coat part, then got his arms got cold !!! And your right, very cute! Auntie K.

Suz... said...

Noah I thought your knuckles looked real...good job! glad you had fun.