Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Practicing for the Corporate Ladder

Joel brought the ladder in the other day to retrieve something from the top of the plant wall and Oliver quickly took advantage of the situation. Kept telling me, "I need to practice mama." The camera was sitting right there so I snapped a few shots and wondered if someday he would climb the corporate ladder with such glee.

"I up tall mama!"

Hold on tight little man, that climb can be a tough one.

Nice to know your feet are planted firmly.

Turning the camera on me!


grandma ricki said...

Man, those toes are an extra set of fingers!! No way he's going to fall with a grip like that! Aren't ladders fun??

Anonymous said...

So,.... Where's the picture the Little Man' took of Mom? Auntie K

Johnson Family said...

Hey Auntie K! Glad to have you lurking and commenting these days. I actually did look for the picture he took with his camera but, lucky for me, he has learned how to delete the pictures and got to it before I did.