Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet Buster

This is Buster, he is my Dad and Lavelle's new dog. He is a Lhasa Apso and if my mind serves me well, almost four months old. I think he's kind of cute. What do you think?

How about this picture of him running around the backyard, is this a cute picture of Buster?

Look! It's two cute boys!

Oliver loved running around with Buster and making sure that Buster knew who the balls in the backyard really belonged to.

Just in case there wasn't enough cute in the above pictures, here is one last shot for you.
Hello Buster, nice to meet you.


grandma ricki said...

Buster, you are very cute...almost as cute as those boys!! (But not quite...) Glad to see you had so much fun playing with Buster, Ollie. Aren't dogs fun to run and play with??

Suz... said...

yep, pretty darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that breed of dog is very cute and very hiper. Just the thing a young man needs to have fun with and maybe a short nap after play. Auntie K.

Anonymous said...

what a great looking little dog! Tell Jerry and Lavelle I said, "Good choice," and I hope he brings them much pleasure and happiness.