Monday, October 06, 2008

Oliver's Head

Grandma Ricki was very observant and noticed the butterfly bandage on Oliver's forehead and she asked what happened. So here's the story...

We went to R.E.I. to get some cold and wet weather pants for Joel's bike commute. The checkout line was long so I took the boys upstairs to look around at the clothes because neither child can stand in a long line quietly. Oliver was being Oliver, goofing off, trying to run around and that night playing the lean and go limp so that if I let go of his hand he would fall to the ground game. I thought he had his footing but he leaned again as I went to adjust my grip and he fell. At this point, I've learned a long time ago, that if I just let them fall instead of trying to catch them they end up with a lot fewer injuries. I just usually end up making it worse. HOWEVER, for some reason, that night I decided to try and catch him and in stepping forward I pretty much ended up kicking him right into the ground even harder. He smashed his head into the foot of one of the clothes racks, you know, the one with the nice sharp pointy edges. The wound is actually not that bad or big but it was deep and bleeding quite nicely. A quick trip to the restroom, some clean up, a cold compress and a little pressure stopped most of the bleeding. It had a tendency, though, to pop open and start bleeding again so we stuck a butterfly bandage on there to help speed up the healing. There you have it...the story of the puncture wound on Oliver's forehead.

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grandma ricki said...

aaaawwww....Poor little guy!! He just looks miserable in the picture- that's why I asked...I hope you feel better Ollie!!