Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Uh-Oh It's Magic

Note: Joel is the one that should be writing this post, I don't know much about these games. If I mess something up, I apologize now to all of you Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic players.

Over the summer, a couple of the neighborhood kids introduced Noah to Yu-Gi-Oh cards and the game of dueling with those cards. Joel started to tell Noah about a card game that he used to play called Magic. Noah started asking Joel more and more questions so Joel finally pulled out some of his cards and started teaching Noah how to play. Apparently, there is a lot involved with different colored decks, lands, manna, creatures, enchants, trample, attack, defense, etc. so they are taking it slow and adding just one or two elements of the game a week. Noah really seems to enjoy his Magic time with dad and is, in my opinion anyway, picking up on the game quite quickly.


grandma ricki said...

Noah, you're a boy after his dad's are so much alike! I can see already I won't be able to play games with you next time I'm up- you have surpassed me just like your dad did when he was a kid. Playing chess at 7- and beating grown men!!

Janet said...

I'm confused the picture I can't tell who is playing with the cards. To me it looks like JOEL!!!! ; )