Thursday, October 23, 2008

Help Me Spidey!

So I was just going to pull one of the many costumes that we have in the playroom out and dress Oliver in whatever fit him for this Halloween - cheap and easy people. However, the last two days he has been demanding to be Spiderman for Halloween. I'm surprised at his commitment to this character so I am now seeking a 3-4T Spiderman costume. Anyone have an extra laying around? Sad thing is, I have a couple but they are both beyond big on Oliver...maybe he can go as the Shrunken Spiderman attacked by the evil doing Shrinky McGee whose shrink rays only shrink the super hero and not his costume! He'd never know right??


grandma ricki said...

He'd probably be so proud to wear a 'big' costume because he had been shrunk (??) by the evil Shrinky McGee and his evil shrinking cute would that be- I'd love to hear him explaining it.

Tubo Family said...

Or how about the evil guy expanded the costume and left him his original size because as the superhero he is immune?