Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Got Leaves?

Our neighbors were out the other night and we stopped by for a chat. There were lots of leaves piled up and laying around so Noah, Noah and Oliver all had some fun!

Both Noah's getting Oliver.
Oliver getting back at Noah G.

Noah G. and Ollie getting Noah.
No one was safe I tell you!

Best toys ever!

Their dog, Chloe, getting in on the action.

Where's Oliver?


Janet said...

HOW FUN!!! I WANNA PLAY TOO! Tiff, you got some great shots!! Love the leaves in the air & the dog playing too! I would print these...& put them out every fall! So cool!

Suz... said...

these are great...favorites are Ollie getting smothered w/ leaves, Noah throwing them in the air w/ arms still extended and the dog. Great scrapbooking opportunities here!

grandma ricki said...

These pictures are awesome. My favorite is them the one where Noah threw them up high...Looks like it's snowing colors...

Queen of Qwerk said...

This is what fall is all about-falling leaves then falling IN the leaves! Great shots! Good to see Noah G!