Friday, October 10, 2008

This Was NOT In the Contract

There was a contract right? One that I should have read more thoroughly but trusted the doctor when they said, "It's just the normal stuff, all we need is your signature," so I signed on the dotted line and took my first born son home. This poor kid has been battling a never ending cold since school started, that a round of the flu that was going around. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I had to go get him from school because he was complaining of an ear ache. I took him to the doctor and not only did he have an ear infection but he had a severe sinus infection too. A round of antibiotics and the ear pain went away but the kid was still stuffy and coughing quite a bit. Seriously, the cold would not go away. He seemed all right though so we just went on with life. Wednesday of this week I get another call from school saying he is in the nurses office, again, complaining of an upset stomach and an earache! Trying to keep this blog family friendly I won't tell you the first words that came to mind. We went through the day and he seemed to be getting better and playing just fine, etc. so I played the wait and see game again. On the way home from Tori's game, Noah's ear popped and he started crying, screaming and clutching at his ear. We got through the night with some Motrin and elevated sleep then headed to the doctor the next day. The kid was diagnosed with bronchitis induced asthma and another severe ear infection. The drainage from his ear indicates that he might have ruptured his eardrum but we won't know for sure until the swelling goes down enough to see the eardrum clearly. He is now on some stronger antibiotics and a prescription strength anti-inflammatory. Why do I tell you this? Because the anti-inflammatory is an upper, a mild form of speed, etc. AND I'M SUPPOSED TO KEEP HIM CALM AND QUIET for a couple of days! Let's see, take an already active child, give him something to make him restless, anxious, jittery, etc. and try to keep him calm. Anyone else see the problem with this? The good news is that Noah is already looking and sounding better. The anti-inflammatory is working great, opening up his lungs and letting him breathe better not to mention reducing the swelling in his ear and reducing the pain there too. The bad news...

This is Noah "sitting still" and resting.

Here he is relaxing on the couch.

Jackson is here today because he doesn't have school either.
He and Noah are kicking back and watching "The Sandlot."

And here he is giving me the evil eye
because I won't stop taking pictures to show as evidence!


grandma ricki said...

What fun you must be having!!! I remember when Su broke open her forehead I was supposed to keep her not only quiet but STILL- as in on my lap or laying on the couch etc. Tell that to a 2-year-old who wants to follow her big brother was better to let her play. Good luck!! Feel better Noah!!!!!!!!

Suz... said...

I was cringing reading this entry. Poor Noah! As one that battled ear infections in youth, I feel for you Noah Wayne! And w/ about adding insult to injury! Get better quickly!

Liz Ness said...

Awe, poor thing -- I'm so sorry for him and for you! HUGS!