Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gammy's Pumpkin Patch

Gammy grew some pumpkins for the grand kids this year so we went out today after church to pick out a couple for the boys. Noah and Trevor had already laid claim to the two biggest ones so we were really just going to let Oliver pick his and pick up Noah's HUGE pumpkin.

Checking out the pumpkins, Noah is guarding his to make sure his little brother doesn't try to claim the big one as his.

After I cut Ollie's pumpkin from the vine he wanted to learn how to use the clippers. He is practicing on the vine that used to be on his pumpkin.

Noah, proudly admiring his pumpkin.

Cute! and the pumpkins are gorgeous, dense and therefore, heavy!

Okay, so this next picture was another one of those pictures that I debated posting but my mother, who I think started it all, and my eldest were laughing so hard at themselves, I decided to go ahead and share. You really must have a sense of humor to view the next picture though so no saying that I didn't warn you all. I had grabbed one of the acorn squash while I was out there to bake up for my dinner. I tossed it on the ground by the pumpkins and within seconds my mom was pointing out to my son that it looked like his pumpkin was well, pooping out the acorn squash. Want to know why that came up? They had already discussed, in greater detail than necessary, the fact that Noah's pumpkin looked like it had a butt crack. The way the two of them were giggling and taking pictures of this "event" you would have never guessed that there are 50 years separating the two of them! Oh well, they had fun so here is the picture...

Come on, admit it - you laughed too!


The Pyryt Nest said...

How cool to have your own private pumpkin patch! And butt pumpkins, the best variety!

Shana said...

That is too funny! I agree it does look like it is pooping! That takes skill to grow a butt pumpkin!

grandma ricki said...

That is hilarious! Noah, you picked a fine pumpkin this year. Ollie, I like yours too. Good choices! Have fun carving them!

grandma ricki said...

P.S. What did Ollie do to his head?? That's a butterfly bandage!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have a twisted mind, because I saw the crack before you finished the story. Too funny!