Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It was tradition when Joel was a kid to open presents on Christmas Eve and we have carried on that tradition with our boys. Santa and, according to Oliver, his moose will come tonight and leave stuff for their stockings. Quick side note, I thought I was going to be able to tell you all that the snow was on it's way out because things started to melt a bit late afternoon but alas I can't. It stopped melting and is snowing again, we have at least another inch so far. Okay, back to the festivities...our church decided to be on the safe side and cancel all services otherwise we would have gone to that tonight. Instead we had dinner, some entertainment (see below), then the boys got into their pajamas and met us by the tree. They had a lot of fun and it's always fun for me to watch them. Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Stocking pictures to come...

The evenings entertainment was provided by Oliver. I certainly hope that this isn't a sign of things to come in his future. Nothing like some table dancing to get the night started off on the right foot. That boy has some moves!

In this picture we have them in the pajamas and getting started on their gifts. From top left, their first present, sweater from Gammy, trains from Grandma Ricki, skateboard skills book from dad, shoes & an educational game and a model car kit also from Grandma Ricki.

In this picture we have Noah with his big gift of the night the Lego AT-TE Walker, a gift wrapped in so much tissue from Gammy that the boys thought it was a practical joke and almost gave up, Ollie getting his Dino Diego toy and Noah admiring it, Oliver checking out his new Chevron firetruck and finally the flashlights that were tucked inside that mass of tissue paper above.

This was my gift from Joel, he did good! A necklace bought from Beth at Heartstring Primitives. It's a beautiful necklace made from other pieces of jewelry that she has found while out searching for treasures. I wanted to show you this though because of the unique way that she presented it! Seriously, how cute and clever is that?

Then I just threw this picture in there to show you all how my brain works. Noah started to tear open his new Lego set and I couldn't take it anymore. I sat down, sorted them by color then by shape/size. Ahhhh, much better now. Those who work or have worked with me won't be surprised by this one bit.


Shana said...

Can you say OCD?! I can! I am the same way, that is why I try to avoid gifts like that Lego set.

The tissue paper was funny, Roo left all the gifts alone but that one. We when got up yesterday morning I found it have opened and then abandoned, poor dog must have thought it was food! HEHE!

Love the pictures and can't wait to see more.

Elite Stitches said...

You guys all made a HAUL! Merry Christmas! Love the necklace- very cool packaging...
Grandma Ricki

Elite Stitches said...

P.S.- LOVE the organization of lego pieces...can't handle when they're just in a big jumbled mess...thought it was just me, but I'm finding there are lots of us out there.
Grandma Ricki

Amy said...

You lucky Tiff!!! The necklase Joel got you. I have my eye on a pair of her ear rings she made. . . but Alan ran out of time to get me ear rings thru her . .. so Fred Meyers it was. Not near as adorable as Beth's creations. Hmmmm my birthday is coming up tho on Jan 11th tho. Got me wishful thinking again.