Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pizza Ideas

Another person asked for our taco pizza recipe so here it is...and a few others that we've made.

Mix one can of refried beans (we've also used refried black beans) with enough taco sauce to make a pizza sauce like consistency. Spread bean mixture onto pizza, throw on some chopped onions and if you like them, olives, top with cheese. Bake. Set out chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce and crushed up taco chips to garnish individual pieces with.

Canadian Bacon, tomatoes and shredded dill pickle. This is tastier than it sounds and one of my favorites!

Shredded or chopped grilled chicken, chopped grilled onion, fried and crumbled bacon, use your favorite BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce.

Veggie pizza: pick your favorite veggies...we've done a veggie pizza with regular pizza sauce, pesto sauce or Alfredo. Shredded carrots are great on veggie pizzas.

Chicken, bacon and pineapple (this is also good with green peppers).

Make or buy a pesto, use that in place of pizza sauce, top with whatever strikes your fancy.

Dessert pizzas:
Peanut butter and your favorite jelly/jam. Don't knock it people, bake the crust and while it's still warm spread on the peanut butter and jelly/jam - so good!

Spread par baked crust with butter sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar bake until crust is golden brown and sugar is starting to caramelize.

Honestly, you can be very creative and put just about anything on a pizza on YOUR pizza.

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Elite Stitches said...

All sound incredibly yummy with the exception of dill pickles on a pizza. Not a fan of the things- never have been, never will be...I can eat them, but detest the little buggers. Some tastes just rub you the wrong way...