Monday, December 01, 2008

Landscape: Different Than Home

The landscape over in Kennewick is certainly different than here at home in Vancouver. While on the walk I took time to stop and really look at what was around me. Of course that meant that I was bringing up the rear the entire time and Joel kept stopping to turn around and make sure I was okay. Yup, just stuck to my face but just fine.

Lots and lots of dried up tufts of grass this time of year.
All of them dropping seeds and swaying in the wind.
Even all dried up this flower demanded my attention.

This plant stood out from all of the tans and browns.

So did this small yellow plant growing on the rocks.

Ahh, the fencepost - I love the fencepost, I want some fenceposts of my own please.


The Pyryt Nest said...

You are welcome to keep a few fenceposts around here and come visit them. We probably already have some hiding behind the shed.

farmgirl beth said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Janet said...

Awesome shots Tiff! Great eye!