Monday, December 01, 2008

Whoosh, Whoosh!

It wasn't loud but you could definitely hear the blades of the windmills slicing through the air. Noah, much like his dad, is fascinated with the huge windmills that are popping up throughout the gorge and surrounding areas. GrandPop Bruce and Grandma Heidi told us that we could drive up to the base of one of the windmills and it took all of a nano-second for us to agree.

Even though it was a bit foggy I tried to get a few good shots of the windmills. It's difficult to convey in photos just how large these things are. Not a lot of point of reference items out there in the Kennewick landscape. This is a row of the "smaller" windmills.
I was drawn to this shot because it shows the old, weather worn fence post with the large, brand new windmill off in the distance.

Look, a point of reference! Don't see it? Look again, do you see them yet? Bruce, Heidi and Noah are all walking towards the windmill. Joel and I are back at the van with Oliver getting our coats on. They still have a few yards to go before reaching the base of the beast. This is one of the larger windmills. That may have just been one of the most obvious statements I've made on this blog.

I'm getting close to the base now. It's amazing how quiet these are. If you stop moving and listen you can hear the turbine turning and humming quietly and the foils cutting through the air. Noah started to get a little bit nervous at this point, they really do loom ominously over you.

Noah standing at the base and me torturing him by making him stand there while I try and get a good shot. He's a good kid though and helped his mom out.

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Janet said...

WOW...THESE ARE HUGE!!! And I like the contrast between old & new. Again, like i've said before...good eye! And great blog.