Saturday, December 27, 2008


Like I mentioned in the previous post, we had some friends over tonight. Amy, Alan and three of their kids and Melanie and Jim and their three kids came over for dinner. Tamara and Ali were also supposed to be here tonight but had to cancel. We wish we could have seem them too because we had a great time. Melanie, Amy, Tamara, Alison and I all went to high school together. Four out of the five of us actually went to grade school together! Mel and I tried and tried to get Amy into the picture with us but she refused...don't worry, we'll get her next time.


Amy said...

Hey - Gabby Gaskell was in the hallway involved in a deep discussion! :-) Seriously tho, I avoid being anywhere but BEHIND the camera lens. We all have our quirks.....I just have a lot of them. Thanks again Tiffany, Joel, Noah & Oliver for having us over last night! You guys rock!!!

Tubo Family said...

Still so bummed my fam missed being there! The pizzas look SCRUMPTIOUS and after enjoying your POV and sense of humor so much in blogland lately was looking forward to a dose in person! Glad though you guys didn't have to see me puking and, uh, running shall we say. Besides being downright wickedly miserable it was apparently quite contagious--my step-mom got it the day after me.