Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Doesn't Show Signs of Stopping

First of all, for some REAL snow pictures check out Beth's blog. She takes some beautiful pictures and I'm sure she would enjoy the visitors even if it is in blogger sure to leave her a comment or two. Now back to East Vancouver, it is snowing again. All of our church services have been cancelled, the neighborhood has tucked in for the holiday and the few that are out and about are in 4x4's and/or chained up. I trekked outside to snap a few pictures of what's going on out there. The boys have decided to stay inside so far today so I'm sorry I don't have shots of them.
Joel cleaned off the driveway before leaving for work.

Car was spotless this morning.

Noah had cleared all the snow off of this bench yesterday.

This bush has had just about enough.

The poor bird feeder, empty (no thanks to the squirrels) and covered in snow.

This bush, however, shines in this environment.


Shana said...

I love the last two shots. You seriously need to figure out my camera for me and then teach me how to use it. Is that too much to ask? Well, if you think it is you better go check out the comments in Steph's blog and what I am asking err demanding there! HEHE! Love you!

Johnson Family said...

We can trade cameras for a couple of weeks, I'll do nothing but play with and figure out your camera, fall in love with it and disappear just long enough so that when I come back you will be so relieved that I'm back and safe that you'll forget all about the camera. =) Are you kidding? Holed up in a basement with no kids, food on demand and nothing but scrapbooking to do?? Yeah, that's a real threat! Love you too!