Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Stockings Weren't Hung


The stockings weren't hung because they were too full! Apparently, Santa and his moose thought the boys' stockings were a lot bigger than they really are.

Oliver wanted to know what was on the table? It took him a second to realize that the pile on that end was his!

Noah doesn't waste anytime at all.

I have many pictures like this.
"Oliver, show me what you got...thanks!"

Noah still working and he's almost done.

We got the boys beginner chopsticks. They both love to use chopsticks but get frustrated after a while. These were an awesome find!

Here are Noah's chopsticks, they are connected at the end in his hand.

One of the big hits of the stocking stash...WALL-E! Our plan is to stay in our pajamas, welcome visitors if they stop by and watch this movie. Thank you GrandBob!!!


Suz... said...

sounds like a fun day!! we are still in our pj's, too! Merry Christmas family!!!!

Suz... said...

love Ollie's face in the last picture.

Elite Stitches said...

Looks like the perfect day to stay in PJ's and snuggle down on the couch and watch a good movie...Merry Christmas!
Love you!
Grandma Ricki

Elite Stitches said...

P.S. Glad that Santa and his moose made it through all the snow to your house...(Love that he has a moose...!) : )