Sunday, December 07, 2008

Noah's Birthday Present

Noah's birthday is actually on Friday the 12th but our busy schedule dictated that his party happen yesterday on the 6th. The boy has been asking for a decent skateboard for a while now, his $15 Spongebob skateboard just wasn't working for him anymore. So before the party yesterday, Joel took Noah to Bad Monkey Bikes, Boards & Skate to pick out his new skateboard. I asked Joel to take the camera and take a few pictures of Noah picking out his new board and I'm glad I did. Wade, of Bad Monkey Bikes, Boards & Skate shop, let Noah help him build it! How cool is that?

Wade is asking Noah what width he wants for his deck.
Noah chose the wider deck knowing that he still has a lot of growing to do.

This is after the skid tape has already been adhered to the other side. Noah is poking the holes on the under side through the skid tape so they know where to run the bolts.

Here he is pressing the bearings into the wheels.

Wade is installing the wheels. I like that you can see Noah's hands holding the other two wheels.

Noah got to install a wheel too.

I should have a picture of Noah, under this caption, of him holding his finished product. He got swept away to his party then left to spend the night with Ty and Jack so I will have to post that one later...


Suz... said...

awesome Noah Wayne!!! That is waaay cool! Can't wait to see you on your board! :)
Hope your party was fun!!

Elite Stitches said...

How awesome that you got to build your own skateboard!! Not often you get that chance! Sounds like a pretty cool place...
Grandma Ricki