Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Wishes are Almost Done is GrandBob's birthday and the boys are working on something for the blog. We ran out of time tonight but will post tomorrow as soon as we can. Stay tuned! Until then, Happy Birthday GrandBob, we love you!!

As Promised, here is what the boys did for GrandBob! Noah came up with the idea and I forgot until last night, not leaving enough time before bed to finish. I know that you aren't here to enjoy the goods but I figured two boys doing something they love while thinking of you is a pretty great gift. They had a blast and there was only one argument the entire time. I assured both of them that GrandBob would love ALL the cupcakes equally, much like he loves them equally. I got the look and even an eye roll for that one, quickly followed by Noah whispering, "definitely mine," quiet enough so little brother couldn't hear. Again, Happy Birthday GrandBob!

The lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting canvases.

The goofy, but lovable, artists, ready to work.

Noah hard at work.

Oliver hard at work - it's all about the sprinkles.

Very proud of their work.

A closer look but it's still hard to see that it says,
in chocolate letters.

Noah's favorite.

Oliver's favorite, but I promised to tell you that half of the sprinkles fell off when I picked it up to take a picture. My sincerest apologies that only half of the full pound of sprinkles got photographed.


Amy said...

oh my goodness this last green covered cake literally made me laugh out loud. Oh my goodness Oliver has so many similar expressions & interests as my Nolan. Cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great cupcakes - and you know, choosing is always hard because you both did such a wonderful job. I guess I'm just going to have stick my face into both of them and smile through the crumbs! And those chocolate letters are so cool. You guys are the best a GrandBob could ever ask for.
Love You Both

Elite Stitches said...

Happy Birthday, Bob!! Noah & Ollie, you did a fantastic job!! What a cool idea!
Grandma Ricki

Queen of Qwerk said...

I am enjoying my sugar high just looking at them. Look pretty darn good.
Great job Noah and Ollie!!