Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lacamas Heritage Trail

There is this sign that I/we have driven by quite a few times in our 13 years of living in this area and I never once read it, until a couple weeks ago. It said, "Lacamas Heritage Trail" and that excited me. It is just minutes from our house and I am always looking for a new place to take the boys for a walk/hike. It turned out to be a great trail! We went yesterday for a walk in the beautiful and warm sunshine and, of course, I snapped lots of pictures...

The trail head and the path was wide and well manicured for the entire walk. You could walk, jog, bring your strollers or bikes.

The path follows Lacamas Creek so there are bridges along the path. This is one of the streams that we crossed over.

Off of another bridge we saw a pair of geese, they too were enjoying the sunshine.

I think this was the view from the same bridge we saw the geese from, if not, it's the next bridge up the trail.

The salamanders were aplenty and very easy to spot.

Grandma Ricki and Ollie enjoying the view.

The snakes were also out in full force. I'm sure the first truly warm days of the season brought them out in droves. Although it's a bit blurry, this was Oliver's favorite picture because you can see the snakes head. Can you see it? They were moving fast and I got lots of snake bodies in my pictures but this was the only face.

Oliver was practicing his shadow puppets. His doggie was barking!


Shana said...

What a great trail! Even better that it is so close to home!

Janet said...

Another place to add to our LIST! How did you go past this for YEARS & not check it out?!! AND HEY...YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MILKING THIS RECOVERY TIME THING!! You're not doing that very well & you're ruining it FOR THE REST OF US! ; ) I still tell the family that vacuuming is bad for me!

Johnson Family said...

Of course we can add this to our list! Oh, don't worry, I haven't touched the vacuum or mop at all! It was a very simple and lazy walk, you can only go so fast with an Oliver in tow, and the day was too beautiful to spend at home. =)

Janet said...

ok...as long as it was a nice relaxing walk, then I'll OKAY it! ; )