Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have limited space in my kitchen and really try hard not to have gadgets that I don't need. Over the past few years I've really cleaned out my cupboards and gave away a ton of stuff. However, we took a sushi class on Sunday for my birthday and during the break I found something that I HAD to have! My Grandma Murphy used to have this egg poacher and she would make me yummy poached eggs with it. I am not sure what happened to that poacher but I always wanted it. I've tried to make poached eggs in the simmering water with a bit of vinegar but it just wasn't the same. Joel asked if there was something there that I wanted for my birthday and I showed him these...

Flower shaped silicone egg poachers! Are they not adorable?
A little bit of butter, an egg and float them in simmering water.

Yummy and fun!

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Shana said...

I too remember the poached eggs at Grandma's and I loved them! I have never tried to make them but now maybe I will, those are awesome!