Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cake Pops?

My sister, Stephanie and I all met at my mom's house on Saturday night to make cake pops. If you haven't heard of cake pops you NEED to check out Bakerella's blog and admire her creative handy work! Seriously, she does some seriously cute stuff and I now appreciate her talent even more! We messed stuff up, then we read the directions and got going a little bit better. We made lots of little mistakes but learned a lot. We also laughed a lot Saturday, scroll down and you'll see why....

This is what we were TRYING to make...
Click on this picture from Bakerella's site and it will take you to the post at her blog.

This little Shrek like bunny is very special (snorting with laughter)! The one ear had to be glued back on, his/her head is shaped like who knows what and look at that poor sad mouth!

This one is quite a bit better, a little too much glue for her sweet heart nose but I can overlook that!

This chick is cute in a, looks like he was wrapped with yellow candy gauze sort of way. And who knows what that poor chick did to deserve that goose egg of a bump on his head.
My sister did break her finger this weekend, maybe they were kindred spirits?

This one turned out pretty good though, peep-peep!
This little guy gives me hope for future attempts at cake pops.

(laughing hard now) Not really sure how to describe this poor wreck! Looks like Oliver when he has a cold and sneezes out a load of fun for me to clean. And lets not forget the massive crack up the side of this poor guy. Can you see why we laughed a lot? And we didn't even attempt to decorate the Easter eggs!

At least someone appreciates our sad attempt at cake pops.


The Pyryt Nest said...

Thanks for letting me "help" with the cake pops! Jackson said we should start a business making these. I just laughed.

Katie B. said...

Heather and I read this at work and we were both laughing so hard we were crying!!! The crazy thing was that she was JUST telling me that she was going to make CAKE POPS for her daughters birthday and then I pulled up your blog and it was titled "Cake Pops"!! WEIRD!!! I hope you had a very nice birthday... I will call you when I'm done working and will take you out to lunch! ;) xo Katie

Karen said...

Are these special needs cake pops?

Johnson Family said...

They are special and they are in desperate need of something so yes, I would have to say that they are special needs cake pops! LOL!

Amy said...

Oh tiffany this is adorable - - - and you inspired me to try. I like imperfections . . . your cake pops had personality!!