Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope that all of you are having a great Easter! We are taking it easy and keeping it simple today. They boys woke up to a few chocolate eggs scattered and hidden throughout the living room and a pile of goodies from us and Grandma Ricki. My mom (Gammy) left for Texas on April 5, for another stint with FEMA. She sent the boys' Easter stuff over before leaving so they got to open those goodies early.

This bunny lives in our backyard.

Stuff from Gammy.

Thanks for the movie Gammy!
By the way, Bolt is a GREAT movie.

(Yeah, I don't know much about them either.)

Easter morning loot from the Easter Bunny and Grandma Ricki.
The "Easter Bunny" hid a few eggs in spots that were a bit more difficult for an 8 year old to find. I had fun watching the "Easter Bunny" hide them last night and fun watching the boys find them this morning.
Oliver's been asking for this one for quite a while now!
Noah got a ton of Bakugan stuff this morning. He is shocked and happy!
This boy can't seem to get enough cars and trucks.


Elite Stitches said...

Happy Easter!!!!!!
Grandma Ricki

Suz... said...

Happy Easter!!
Looks like you guys MADE OUT!! That's quite the stash...glad you had fun and were able to lay-low.

Wrights13 said...

Ohhh... Ben is going to be SOOO jealous! He has been asking for Frank forever.