Friday, April 17, 2009

The tulip fields up here in Skagit Valley will be absolutely beautiful in about a week or two. All of the daffodils are beautiful right now but most of the tulips are still waiting to open. I still got quite a few fun shots though and, as usual, had a hard time deciding which pictures to post. So I posted a bunch!

I loved the silver roofed barn off in the distance. This daffodil field was huge!

Playing with the color features. Just a few starting a open.

Pretty in pink.

If I were to have tulips in my yard this one would make the cut.

Warmest looking thing out in the cool windy fields today.
At least it didn't rain on us.

Beauty and the Beast

Open up and say ahh.

I was sitting on the ground and snapped this shot of my boots.
I sat like this to get shots like...

...this shot.

I loved the leaves on this tulip almost as much as the flower.

Sunny Patch

These two could have easily been overlooked in the patch of yellow daffodils so I helped them out a little bit.

Just a hint of color.

One more week!

I loved this fence!

Although not a tulip, this one was adorable.


Janet said...


Anonymous said...

The barn shows the size of that large yellow field, great prospective. I've always enjoyed your use of the color touch feature you have. "Beauty & the Beast" - excellant !!! Love the boots !!!! I like the fence also, you put just right into the shot. Bea-U-tiful !!! and that blue flower fairly glows. As usual, Great Photography. Auntie K.

Elite Stitches said...

Plain and simple- gorgeous! Tulips are my favorite! And even though they aren't out in full yet, you got some pretty incredible shots of them.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Great job.


Brian Montee said...

beautiful tiff!

Amy said...

Gorgeous photos Tiffany!
Beauty & the are so creative & talented.
The pic with the barn in the distance made me wonder what it smelled like there, with soooo many flowers?!

Johnson Family said...

I don't know if any of you have been to the Woodburn tulip fields but the daffodil field in the first photo was larger than their main field in Woodburn. This wasn't even one of the "show" fields. We just pulled off the road and snapped a few pictures. Hey Amy, since it was a field a daffodils it just smelled liked the mud we were standing in. =)

Shana said...

It was sooo fun to hang out with my sister! I loved it!