Sunday, April 05, 2009

Garden and More

We went out to the garden plot on Saturday so that Joel could meet Chris and head out to get more fertilizer and also so the boys could see where we would be gardening this year. In addition, I wanted to show the boys and Grandma Ricki the great setup that Richard has out there - it's incredible and what I dream of when I am dreaming big!

Chris, Joel and Noah standing at the garden I almost got all of it in this picture. That big line of dirt leading out to them means that we now have running water all the way around the garden!

Richard also has some ponds on his property that he stocks with trout. We walked around them and even tried to feed them, but, as they say, the fish weren't biting that day. We'll have to get a fishing pole so the boys can fish some this summer.

Another one of the ponds and by the way, it was a beautiful day!

Just up from the ponds is a gazebo, outside the gazebo is this huge tree with a little rope swing.

Just behind the house is this huge play structure that the kids can play on while we garden. This would NOT fit in my backyard. I couldn't get it all in the picture from where I was standing. The boys had a great time checking it all out.


Karen said...

What a find. It's perfect. Happy birthday!

Shana said...

That place is incredible! It is like a park you can garden in!