Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chistmas Morning

Christmas morning was pretty quiet, we were waiting for GrandPop and Grandma Heidi to get here then we were heading out to Gammy's for Christmas dinner, presents and visiting with family. The boys, thankfully, slept in until their usual time, we casually moved out to the family room where the stockings were hung. Okay, the boys' stockings were on the table because "Santa" over filled them, but no one complained.

Waiting for mom and dad to wake up and grab the camera.
I love messy morning hair.

Noah discovered "The Lightning Thief" series of books and he got book two.

His favorite candy bar.
Too bad they didn't have anything bigger!

What's in there Ollie?
"Cars Uno - woohoo!"

I got socks in my sock.

Daddy got a Lego Racer and a Lego Creator in his stocking.

The boys each had a sheet of tattoos in their stockings. Oliver decided that ALL of them needed to be applied A.S.A.P. Grandma Heidi got there and he happily showed off his new ink.

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Elite Stitches said...

Love the tats, Ollie. Lookin' good! And the bed-hair! Classic!