Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chrismas Afternoon

Once Pop & H got here and checked into their hotel we headed over to Gammy's house for Christmas dinner. We had a wonderful ham dinner when we got there then we let the boys FINALLY open up their gifts. Later, after looking at the pictures, I realized that I had not changed the settings on my camera from the night at the Zoo Lights. So sad to see that most of my pictures were slightly blurry or hazy. Oh well, at least I still have pictures from the day. These were some of the better (i.e. not blurry or hazy) ones.

We put Trevor, Ollie and Noah out in the living room and handed them piles/bags of gifts in shifts. They were spoiled! They started with these gift bags full of stuff from Gammy.
Trevor checking out his Skull Candy ear-buds from Gammy.

Oliver showing us our annual Christmas book!
This year it was from GrandPop Bruce and Grandma Heidi.

Our scientist loved this gift!!

Grandma Ricki gave Noah the biggest Bionicle he's ever received!

A Mater puzzle for Oliver. I love that he is holding up a Pixar puzzle and there is a Pixar movie on the TV in the background. She even looks like she is checking out the puzzle.

Another budding Lego enthusiasts in our family received a set with a shark from his mom and dad. Bonus that the set came with a treasure chest too!

Noah has been saving his money since before his birthday to buy a Lego Mindstorm. He made it all the way to over $200 just before Christmas. This is a HUGE accomplishment for this boy. Money in hand means he is finding ways to spend it as quickly as possible. He's often not gotten the thing(s) he's really wanted because of this practice. I can not tell you how proud I was of him for saving his money this time and really putting it toward a goal. Because of this, Joel and I decided that for Noah we would pay the difference between what he saved and what the Lego Mindstorm would cost for his big gift from us. I "borrowed" his cash to help pay for Christmas gifts to be paid back after the new year, we told Noah that the Lego store, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us were all sold out of the Mindstorms, then to make sure he couldn't figure it out we put a no shaking the presents rule on the gifts this year. We promised Noah to pay him back and take him shopping to find the Mindstorm after Christmas. I can not count the times I "apologized" for not shopping sooner. He had no idea that he was getting it. To top it off, I grabbed his big gift from the pile at Gammy's and hid it in the laundry room. We were all done opening gifts then he realized that the big one from us was missing. I played it off for a bit and almost had him convinced that we must have left it at home, then I asked him to go grab me a rag from the laundry room to wipe something up. He came back with the gift and a huge grin on his face. He finally got to open it...and has not stopped building things with it since.

I am sure it's a "shock" to most that I caught my mom cleaning!
Thanks for dinner mom, it was delicious.

Grandma Ricki sent this Woody doll for Oliver. He took to it right away.

Trevor showing Noah his new DS game.

Trevor's new DS game was a bit tricky in a couple of places. He had me sit and watch for bit then when he got stuck he'd say, "Want to give it shot Aunt TT? It's fun!" I would take it and play for a bit, just past the hard/tricky part then he would say, "Wow! that looks fun, can I try again?" I would laugh to myself and hand the game back to Trev. This went on for sometime. He thinks he got away with something and I'm just fine with that. I love that boy and was happy to help!


Elite Stitches said...

Finally!!! Looks like it was worth the wait...what a great haul! And you guys did so well being patient!

Queen of Qwerk said...

When we were at the mall earlier that week, Noah took us all in the leggo store and pointed that out to us. He was even telling me then that he was saving for this set.

Queen of Qwerk said...

The Woody Doll was a huge hit with Ollie. And Trev loved his rock tumbler.