Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Milestone Party

Well, it may not be a milestone for Noah, but it was for me. He's starting to think that themed parties are not cool and he's starting to out grow parties at places like Chuck E Cheeses. He simply wanted his friends to come over and play, maybe watch a movie and play some video games. DONE! I can do that. He invited about a dozen boys over for a night of chaos and mayhem and nine showed up. NINE boys were here, NINE boys were playing, NINE boys were rough housing, NINE boys were using my bathroom!!! If the noise levels were any indication of fun, then they had more fun then the law certainly allows. The party was just getting started so I gathered the boys together and gave them 3 rules for the night: 1) Don't go in my room. 2) If you pee on the toilet instead of in it then wipe it up. 3) For the most part, keep your hands to yourself or at least stop when someone says stop or taps out. Then I retreated to the kitchen and let the boys go crazy. Steph and I (joined later by Cherie) sat around chatting...well yelling mostly, but we had fun visiting while the boys ran amok. I didn't take pictures all night long for fear of getting sucked into the whirlwind of activity or worse yet, my camera taking hit! But we did get these...

Singing happy birthday to Noah. I know the cupcake with candles looks a bit sad but Noah didn't even want a cake. He wanted cupcakes that the boys could decorate, a.k.a. put a ton of sprinkles on, themselves.

Looks like Ty, Me, Jackson, Noah, Kuljeet, Jack (behind Kuljeet), Jacob, Sandeep and Cole gathered around the table icing and decorating the cupcakes. Noah G. managed to escape this photo.

Cupcakes drowning in sprinkles.

Another shot of the gang, we moved our big sectional couch out of the front room and just threw some pillows in there. They used the pillows for a few minutes during the failed attempt to quiet down and watch a movie. They instead played Nerf Basketball and loud as possible!

Noah G. putting the finishing touches on his cupcake.

Noah getting some moolah...he is sooooo close his goal. He's trying to save to get this really cool, super deluxe, programmable Lego set.

I came across this picture and could not stop laughing at Ty, so you get to see it too.

What???? Someone got Legos for Noah???
I am shocked, in the not really at all sort of shocked way.


Shana said...

You are one brave mother!

Queen of Qwerk said...

OMG-there were a LOT of guys there!!

Elite Stitches said...

Brave...or CRAZY!!!!

Janet said...

It looks like a lot of fun!!! I bet the boys had a blast!