Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Graham Cracker Houses

Don't they all look super excited about the project that Shana and I put together for them???

They could barely sit still! My sis and I decided that the boys needed some sort of craft project to keep them busy for a while and this is what we came up with. Make graham cracker houses and let them decorate them like gingerbread houses. I made support boxes out of an old Ziploc bag box and we glued (using royal icing) graham crackers around it. Purchased insane amounts of candy for them to eat and decorate, gave them each their own bag of royal icing and told them to go for it. Once they started they were really into it and hearing about some of their ideas was fantastic! Trevor, after things weren't staying where he wanted, decided that his house was the scene of a crash...details are sketchy but it appears that a jolly man with 8 pets of some kind slammed into the side of the house. Oliver was obsessed with putting Christmas lights all over his house and Noah and his logical brain came up with ways to make a Santa with sleigh and how you could connect or lay out two candy canes to make designs. I had a great time helping and watching...

And we're off...

I helped Oliver with his icing so he could eat, I mean put on his Xmas lights.

Squeeze from the top...Shana also taped the top shut just in case.

My little thinker...

Oliver's completed house with LOTS of lights, including a big flood light out front.

Accident scene, there were animals and what appeared to be sleigh pieces everywhere! When the crash occurred it also knocked down the candy cane swing set outside. Good thing no one was awake and outside playing at the time.

Noah's sleigh with Santa on board and his chimney.

Oliver's, Trevor's and Noah's


Anonymous said...

Three excellent design concepts.

Although the "crash" scene is a little gory, but with a crash, whatdya gonna do?

I like Ollie's BIG light out front - keeps away the trolls.

I have to give Noah the prize for concept and execution though.


Amy said...

Love the flood ligh & animal pieces...lol. Tiff you're brilliant. We do the same every year BUT I never make a form box for them...so smart!!! This yr we're skipping this tho & just doing gingerbread men (for the 1st time). Love this post!!

Elite Stitches said...

LOVED the houses...very unfortunate that there was a crash on Trevors- no fun cleaning up animal parts...but I can see the creativity was flowing! Ollie- you house has to be the most bright graham cracker house ever built! And Noah- your house is so elegant and festive in its simplicity! Very good planning all around! You guys did a great job!

Janet said...

THESE ARE GREAT! What a great & fun idea. I dont know how I missed this post.