Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Although it was no storm of the year or decade or century or whatever the goofy news people would have named it and although it is melting quickly we finally got some snow! Unlike most of Portland that fell prey to some sort of winter weather fear, we fully enjoyed the cold white stuff. I even enjoyed driving to work last night, the landscape was transformed and beautiful. Even if I am in the minority in this area I say LET IT...

Playing with my camera and exposure times.

ALMOST covered the grass. It did snow a little more after I took this picture but the very tips of the grass were still poking through.

Boys knew it may not last so they went out, in the dark, and built a snowman. Janet said to send them her way, to Ohio, and they could build an entire city. Be careful what you offer and/or wish for Janet! Cute boys that build adorable snowmen in the dark also drag a lot of snow back into the house.


Elite Stitches said...

They look pretty proud of their night-time snowman...Good job, guys.

Suz... said...

Brian really liked the picture you were experimenting with. I'm cold just looking at those boys!