Thursday, December 03, 2009

Let's Eat

Shana had about 20 people for dinner on Thanksgiving day. Both sides of the family and some friends, it was a great gathering. My sister and I can both get a bit over whelmed by crowds so we devised a plan to get away for just a few minutes. My sister's new place has a pretty small oven so she got two smaller birds, cooked one at her house and one at her office. Close to being done time we, just the two of us, headed over to the office to bake the rolls and gather up the second bird. We were there for just about 30 minutes and it was a perfect energy boost and relaxing at the same time. We just sat, chatted and played our Nintendo DS's while the rolls baked then headed back and had a GREAT meal with family and friends. Everyone brought something and contributed to the meal.

Starting in the lower left, at this table we have, the back of Trevor's head, Gammy, Noah wiping his mouth with his shirt, Joel, Oliver with his cape on trying to figure out how to fly out the window, Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Lavelle's hands.
Here we have Beth, Ben (JJ's new and very sweet boyfriend that has an adorable nervous giggle), Grandma Rollins, JJ, Ron Sr. and Ron Jr.

Shana and may look like Charlie is waving but I was standing in front of the TV/football game taking this picture so I'm pretty sure it's the get the heck out of the way wave.

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Queen of Qwerk said...

It was all great-the grub, the group and the games!