Friday, December 25, 2009

Zoo Lights 2009

We decided to brave the weather and the crowds and go to the zoo lights on the night of the 23rd. It was C.O.L.D. and it was B.U.S.Y. However, we got through the crowds at the gates rather quickly and had a really fun night. We, myself, Noah, Oliver and Jackson, met my Mom and my nephew Trevor at the Gateway Transit Mall to catch the MAX train to the zoo. The boys all loved the 45 minute ride to the zoo. Once we got to the zoo and were headed toward the entrance we were a bit shocked at the crowds. Luckily, as a zoo member we got ushered to a shorter line. By the time I got through the line, Joel had made it on a later train to meet us. We got everyone bundled as much as possible then headed in to enjoy the sites.

Jackson and Trevor both looked ecstatic to be there, my two look like zombies! This is just inside the gates waiting for just a couple of minutes for Joel.
As soon as we got in we headed for the train line. It was a bit of a wait but the line moved fast. This tiger was waiting to greet and shake hands with any willing kids. Oliver was willing...
In line on Dad's shoulders makes the wait seem a little less boring.

Thought of my niece, Bre, when I saw this cool unicorn.

Jackson and Noah on the train.
Do you like Jackson's hat Su?

Just thought this picture of a tree covered in blue lights was interesting.

Are these not some FUN lights???

All of the trees in the lighted areas were covered like this one.
It is amazing.

This was Oliver's favorite. His mouthed moved and was going to chomp us all.

Palm trees, there were some in yellow too.

Noah gave us a report on Preying Mantis when we saw this one.

Oliver and Trevor in front of one of my favorites, the gingerbread house.

After a long cold but oh so fun night.

The MAX train tunnel literally runs through the West Hills in Portland. They blasted their way through the hillside and put in these tunnels. The ride on the elevator, from the top at the zoo to the bottom where you catch the train, is quite a change in elevation. When the train is nearing you can feel the wind/air that the train is pushing through the tunnel and then you see it. A very exciting thing for a group of boys!


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a fun evening - the MAX ride, the cool lights and just fun. The boys look as if they were having a great time.


Queen of Qwerk said...

That is a super picture of the Max!

Shana said...

Thank you so much for making Trevor's week away such a fun one! You are the best Aunt ever!

Beth Twist said...

Hey... we were there that night too! Never, ever again will I go that late in the season... WAY too crowded! But we had fun, despite Mama's very mean decision to pass on the train ride. :) Jack's favorite was the chomping alligator too... and getting to stand right next to the engine as it whooshed out steam, blew its whistle, and took off!

Johnson Family said...

That's funny! When we were standing in line for the train I was wondering if we were going to see you guys. We've run into each other a few times there! We somehow timed the line for the train just right, we still had to wait for a bit but not nearly as long as I feared. The whooshing steam of the engine was indeed one of the coolest parts of the night! I agree with Jack!

Elite Stitches said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Great pictures!