Friday, December 04, 2009


We rode 2 nights while we were up at Shana's last week and we had a blast!! I just want to say that I am VERY proud of Noah and was ecstatic to see him up on the horses. He has been stand offish and a bit weary about riding in the past but really came out of his riding shell this time. He did a great job, he even fell off once and got right back on. The second night we rode, the guys backed Ron's truck up near the arena, turned on the radio and lit cigars. The rest of us were riding and running around the arena. It was really fun!

Noah getting a ton of help on the first ride of the night.
I loved that Trevor was walking along beside Noah, helping him out and letting him know what to do.

Oliver got in on the action too, he got led around on Pistol.
Pistol...the coolest stuffed animal ever!

Practicing our "Whoa!" Rubi was very patient with Noah.

Trev0r's turn on Rubi.

Oliver was a bit hesitant at first, okay he was screaming, "STOP!" whenever we started to move. My brilliant sister distracted him with the letters on the walls of the arena, "Oliver, what letter is that? Let's go over and see." We'd lead Pistol over to the letter(s) and Oliver would read them. He then started looking forward to the next letter and saying things like, "Now it's M's turn! Go Pistol go." After a while I distracted him with things like no hands, touching Pistols ears and patting patient Pistol on the bottom. He was right at home and having fun in no time at all. He even laughed when I dumped him off his steed. I had spun Pistol around and headed quickly over to Trevor who had just been bucked off by Rubi...she had had enough of Lloyd and decided to chase after and kick at him.

Trevor showing Oliver how easy no hands can be.

Me on Beni...poor Beni was super sweet with me. He put up with all of out-of-practice errors and gave me a great ride. Of course it's been years since I've been on a horse for any length of time so I quickly tired. So much fun to ride though and wished I lived closer, I'd pay my sister for riding lessons or at least revert back to childhood and clean stalls in exchange for lessons.

Shana working with Kip a bit. That haze you see if cigar smoke from our big boys. Kip has come a long way since the day they brought him home. It's probably more difficult for Shana and Ron to see the progress but I saw great strides in Kip.

Love this picture of my sister.

Noah even braved the big guy and rode Beni. He wouldn't go solo and insisted that I lead Beni and I can't blame him. Going from Rubi to Beni is a BIG step up the horsey ladder. Noah even let me trot Beni! Not sure why Noah is sticking his tongue out though...


Queen of Qwerk said...

Noah really looked like a natural on both horses. Trevor is becoming quite the horseman in all aspects. He too, looks so comfortable on them now. Thank heavens for the soft dirt! And Ollie looks so darn cute on Pistol! That was very clever about the letters on the walls to distract the fear and let him just enjoy the ride-unknowingly! Good to see my girls with the horses too!

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of the boys and how they took to the horses. Very cool job, guys! And yes, the pic of Shana with Kip is a great one.


Elite Stitches said...

What an awesome time you must have had!! Looks like everyone had a great time riding, judging by the smiles...Great pictures!