Thursday, December 03, 2009

When Pigs Fly Farm

Okay, so it's not officially called "When Pigs Fly Farm" but they haven't decided on a name yet and my sister mentioned once or twice that she liked that name. What do you think? What should the Rollins Family call their farm/ranch/horse haven? With 6 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 chickens and 1 lizard there was plenty to keep the boys busy...even if they didn't want to be busy. They had fun playing together and making a lot of noise during our week long visit. As mentioned in my previous post, playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii was quite interesting at times. So much so that Shana and I would kick them off then play by ourselves. With 4 acres to run around on though they spent a lot of time out side burning off energy and getting dirty, very dirty...I'm still not sure if Oliver's boot liners are dry yet!

Shana teaching Oliver how to drive the tractor.
This is what Roo and I did all week long. He would stare longingly at his ball, picking it up and placing it at my feet relentlessly, until I would finally pick it up and hurl it as far as I could.

Noah's turn on the tractor. Shana, "Noah if you start to panic or something happens just lift your foot UP and OFF of the accelerator/pedal" Noah, "ok." Driving along, Noah panics a bit and instinctively slams his foot DOWN onto the pedal. The tractor lurches then bounces so much that Shana and Noah leave the seat just long enough for the kill switch to activate and shut off the tractor. I was laughing so hard that I did NOT get a picture of that.
Don't worry, No horse poo was spilled during this event.

Lloyd asking Pistol if he's recently left him any "treats" in his stall?
Reminder to self...don't let Lloyd lick your face.

Beautiful Beni
Next post will be about our fun riding...but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful group of photos, and I can't wait for more. Thanks for sharing. Looks as if everyone had a great time. And all that food!


Queen of Qwerk said...

Are we going to draw straws as to who is going to teach Noah how to drive a stick shift?

Shana said...

I don't think Noah will have much trouble with a stick. The tractor is just completely opposite of what you naturally think...slam your foot down to stop!

Elite Stitches said...

I'm not even showing all these pictures with the tractor and horses to Bre & Brandon. They would be sssooo jealous! Their favorite things, and you guys got to ride/drive all in the same trip! Awesome!