Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Elusive Hawk

Our backyard, now that we have no dog, has been overrun by small critters. We have birds of all kinds, squirrels that think they own the place and rabbits that appear to have taken up residence under our shed. At first I thought all of this was cute, fun and a great experience for the boys but that's all wearing off now. The squirrels have taken up residence IN our shed and destroyed a few things chewing them up and nesting. The rabbits are a okay but the leave little rabbit pellets all over the yard and are a direct threat to gardens. I don't have large gardens so I'm hesitant to share what I have. The birds aren't really a problem that I know of yet but they have attracted a few or our neighbor's cats. Over the past few days we've had a new visitor to our backyard, a beautiful large hawk. I welcome the hawk in hopes that he can keep our squirrel and rabbit population under control. Some may be appalled by this idea but it works in the wild so why not in my small backyard. Each time I've seen the hawk I run for my camera but he has flown off each time. I really hope to capture a picture or two of him and will post them as soon as I do. For now, however, we decided to name our new friend, Frank and hope he visits us often.

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Janet said...

DANG!!! When i saw the name of your blog...i thought... EXCELLENT...HAWK PICTURES!!! But ; (
I have a plan to do a series of pics titled: Hawks along I80. We see so many driving back & forth to Illinois & duane wont slam on the breaks so I can take pictures!