Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

I must confess. I have this little thing that I do to Joel that I do just to irritate him a bit. It's really not that big of a deal but it's gotten a reaction (albeit a small one) from him a couple of times so I keep doing it. I will say something witty or throw out a stellar pun and then immediately follow it with, "get it? do ya get it?" then explain why the pun/joke is supposed to be funny. He got it, he didn't need me to explain it and may have even laughed a bit but I always push it to the, "get it? do ya get it?" stage. Trust me, I find it much funnier to get "the look" from him and even an occasional eye roll! Or at least I think so.

Then karma stepped in...

Tonight before bed, Noah was reading a SpongeBob Joke book. Before too long he was reading/telling the jokes to us. Can you guess what he did after every joke?

Sandy: Why did Patrick punch the library?
SpongeBob: His teacher told him to hit the books!

"Do you get it mom? Do you know why SpongeBob said that? Because hit the books means to study and that's what the teacher meant for Patrick to do but instead Patrick really hit the books!" Noah says laughing and giggling.

Sandy: Where's the best place on a baseball field to take a test?
SpongeBob: Right field!

"RIGHT field, as in the right answers, for the test, get it? Mom, do you get it? Right field is a position in baseball but you want to get all the right answers for the test. Get it?"

Yeah, I'd say I'm getting what I deserve but to be totally honest, I was quite proud. What better compliment can a parent get than when their kid wants to be like them? And if you need any other SpongeBob jokes, I'd be glad to help you out, I heard quite a few tonight and we have a date tomorrow night to hear the rest. Got it?


The Pyryt Nest said...

So, he's going to tell you SpongeBob jokes........AT NIGHT! Get it?

Elite Stitches said...

I love definitely got what you : ) Get it??

Queen of Qwerk said...

You see Noah, you can teach parents too!