Thursday, January 15, 2009


Adjective: random randum
  1. Lacking any definite purpose; governed by or depending on chance
In case any of you still don't know, I hate doing laundry. If I were a super hero you could thwart my do-gooder escapades by blocking my path to comic book like triumph with laundry. Sad but true. So in keeping with my laundry loathing lifestyle here is a blog post that I just randomly pieced together INSTEAD of cleaning clothes.

I love my sister and am very proud of her...she knows why.

If you think it's funny to torture dogs by making them wear clothes you should check out this cute post at Janet's blog.

I have this song stuck in my head or you can listen here too. It's called "Human" by The Killers and I bet you find yourself humming it later if you go check it out.

This is Oliver, he's copying Pluto. He is my perpetual entertainer.
Thanks Grandma Lavelle for the new shirt!

This is our cat, Smudge. He likes to get on the table, which he is not supposed to do, and pull a bunch of napkins out of the little basket. He then shreds and fluffs until they are just right for napping.

This big, bright, orb of a thing has been hanging around our skies for the past couple of days. I'm enjoying it's company but not getting too attached.

Okay, off to do some laundry...or not.


Janet said...

I AM SO WITH YOU TIFF!!! I was doing get out of doing SOMETHING today!!!! I LOVE YOUR CAT!! I have a trip to Arizona planned for the end of see more of that...orb thingy (& some other special people...) Want to join me?!?
We'll make it an adventure! Airfare is cheap now! Bring your home made soap! ; )

Suz... said...

Janet...I liked how you plugged the soap at the're gooood! :) I have shamelessly begged Tiff for her to come down while you were here, too...the two of you could share a bed...wouldn't that be fun? Tiff...I love this post...and agree that it was a fine choice over doing laundry. :)

Elite Stitches said...

One of the pleasures of getting older- you don't make excuses any more for not doing laundry or housework. I just didn't feel like it works just great, without any guilt at all...something to look forward to. Great Pluto, Oliver...(I'm sure it wasn't much of a stretch for him to act that goofy.) : )
Grandma Ricki

Yo friend's mama said...

Loving the big, bright orb as well.

farmgirl beth said...

Oh yes, even worse than scrubbing toilets... I despise doing laundry. As a matter of fact, I should be doing it right now...